What If Everything You’ve Believed Has Been A LIE?
Controversial Book Reveals The Dark Truth About “Free Men” - And Why They’re The Exact Opposite Of What Society Deems As “Real Men”…
From The Desk Of Alexander Graves 

Dear Friend,

If you’re brave enough to finally discover the dark reality of the world… and use that knowledge to become the man you’ve always wanted to be, this is the most important letter you’ll read in 2021. 

I’ll show you why in a minute. 

But first, let me address the thought that inevitably comes to your mind right now… 

“Thanks, but I don’t want to become bitter, resentful or nihilistic…”
In short: You won’t. Quite the opposite. Let me explain:

Night is always darkest before dawn. And it’s by accepting and embracing the dark reality…

That you’ll be able to see the light. Just think about the lightning fire of strong and independent men who live life on their own terms. 

Do you think they live in a bubble of comforting lies? 

Undeniably not.

It’s impossible to create your desired outputs by deluding yourself with flawed inputs.

So what happens when you begin to see reality for what it truly is?

Maybe you will become angry. Furious. 

What you’ll certainly become? A radical REALIST.  

The worst thing that can happen to you?

Is that you’re asking yourself why you believed in countless lies that kept your mind enslaved all your life… 

Preventing you from fulfilling your whole potential. Fulfilling your mission in life.

Question for you: Are you not angry that you’re not able to fulfill your deepest desires yet? But men dumber than you are?

Anger is a powerful emotion. By harnessing it you can finally ban “motivation” from your life.

And develop ruthless DISCIPLINE to develop and attack your goals.

In fact, discovering the dark reality of the world… seeing it for what it truly is… embracing it and dealing with it…

Is The ONLY Way To Break The Chains Of An Enslaved Society And Become A FREE Man

Steve Jobs, Sean Connery, Ray Dalio, Jordan Peterson or Andrew Tate are just a few examples of these kinds of men.

They all reported that in order to create their desired reality… 

They needed to be brutally honest with the reality within and around them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to distort it.

Steve Jobs was actually famous for his “Reality Distortion Field”. 

It’s my experience as well:

Most of my life I ignored the screaming of my soul that something wasn’t right in my life. Maybe even most of it.

I felt like there was a deep, gaping void in my soul… 

Like I was caged inside my own life. 

Unable to hit my goals and having trouble staying motivated to do ANYTHING that would propel me forward… 

Like I wasn’t FREE. Although everyone talks about our “free society”. 

“The best time to ever live on planet earth” they say… 

And they’re not wrong. They are absolutely right. There IS a window of opportunity right now.

The opportunity for total freedom, greatness and abundance. 

Freedom to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities we’re seeing around us.

There’s a catch, though:

That window will close. And only those who see reality for what it is will manage to break the chains… 

Will be able to go through it.

The result: They will be free to create their desired reality: Free to move wherever they want, buy whatever they want and do whatever they want.

They will be free men, at a turning point in history where you see the opposite of freedom evolve: New kinds of socialism and slavery. 

It was when I discovered the dark realities of the world… 

That I was able to start a profitable blog and help thousands of men around the earth.

You probably guessed it: “Real Men” aren’t free. You’ll discover the key differences in a second.

“Real Men” are enslaved. Enslaved by their wages, society's restrictions, debt or ideology.

Compared to “Free Men”, who are living life’s beyond most people’s imagination.

It’s because they are radical realists. It’s why they LIVE life, instead of just thinking about life all the time.

So what I did is find out what makes a “Free Man” break the chains and live life on his own terms. 

By isolating 14 Dark Traits every truly free man possesses. 

If you want to harness them to become the man you’ve always wanted to be? 

Read on. 

If not, I cannot help you.

But let me warn you: It’s inevitable that someday you will regret surrendering to your own enslavement. 

Regret not having enjoyed life to its fullest… as an Unchained Man.

“Real Men” vs. “Free Men”

“Real Men”... 

⛓ own debt such as mortgages or student and car loans

⛓ have highly-paid jobs in exchange for fulfilling dreams of people they don’t like

⛓ are bound to a specific location 

⛓ stay with one woman and get ruined financially if marriage fails

⛓ adhere to the rules of their authorities

“Free Men”... 

🆓 own assets such as company-shares, land, commodities or high-income skills 

🆓 usually own businesses or invest properly to fulfill their own dreams

🆓 are locationally independent 

🆓 are admired by multiple women and can determine the status of each relationship

🆓 make their own rules by being their own authorities


It’s not a 500-page reference book. If you’re expecting that, don’t get it. It’s written straightforwardly, like I would talk to you while enjoying whiskey and cigars at a rooftop bar. No fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to the juicy stuff, showing you exactly what to do, how to do and why to do it to live your life unchained from now on. 
⚫ It’s not written complicated, but easy to read

⚫ It’s not an academic reference book (just 220 pages)

⚫ It’s NOT a field-guide to become a bitter, resentful, nihilistic or unhappy man

⚫ It definitely won’t please everyone (Social justice warriors will be upset)

⚫ It’s not filled with topics you don’t need just that it has more pages

⚫ It’s NOT a “yada-yada let's jump and clap our hands” motivational book. It is filled with those things that worked for hundreds of unchained men to design their dream lifes and be admired by thousands. 

​​⚫ It WON’T solve your problems by just reading it. You must apply the lessons and learn to possess the traits I’ll present to you. The tools to develop the discipline to do that? Within the book. 
“Alexander’s book “The Unchained Man” has come out at the perfect time. It is a wake up call for those just beginning to see there’s a problem in this world. That everything they’ve believed has been a lie. More importantly he gives you exact steps to wake up and live your life unchained.” 

- Dylan Madden, Freelancer living in Dubai 
The Dark Path To Unfold
It’s just three easy steps to make the transition from a “real” to a “free man”: 

1. Stop with ANY comforting lie and apply brutal honesty to yourself. 

2. Determine what kind of man you want to become specifically. 

3. Develop an action plan to get there. EXECUTE the plan.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best:

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you DECIDE to be.”

The problem is that most men cannot take that decision. Because their minds are enslaved and aiming to become what society deems a “real man”. 

Unchain yourself and you can take that decision EASILY. 

Why? Because the fog is lifting. You’re able to think and act independently. 

So that you can become the man you’ve always wanted to be. 

How long will you need for that? Depends on how fast you implement new knowledge.

Success isn't complicated. Just be really clear in what you want. Then get disciplined and work like someone is holding a gun to your head.

With that said, let me show you… 

Exactly What You’re Getting

At just 220 pages, you can read the book on a weekend. 

In it, you’ll not only discover the 14 Traits of an Unchained Man… 

From now on you can also rely on a specific advisor that’ll hold you accountable towards your goals.  

Guiding you through the dark reality of the world. Whenever you need it.

Here’s just a fraction of what’s in it and what it might mean for you as a man:
  • Why the Unchained Man is your TRUE SELF and how to unravel him by uncovering layers of lies, misguidance and indoctrination (page 13)
  • The dangerous and paradox lie of “altruism”: Why a healthy ego is actually necessary if you want to create change and help others (page 16)
  • How to be proud of yourself as a man and screw the lie of “toxic masculinity” (page 21)
  • ​How to reveal the true intentions of the people around you so that you can’t be easily fooled anymore (page 22)
  • ​The “stoic” approach of accepting cold hard truths instead of rationalizing and denying reality - one leads to glory, the other ALWAYS to misery. See page 24.
  • ​Why suppressing your emotions is the WORST thing you can do - Learn how to parse them so you can get your most important work done, regardless how you feel about it (page 25)
  • ​Stop learning: Why UNLEARNING does 80% of the work (page 31)
  • ​Your transition from “consumer” to “producer” to finally profit from capitalism, instead of just letting capitalism profit off of you (page 34)
  • ​How suffering moves you towards your deepest desires, while your friends and colleagues choose to stay on the “pursuit of happiness” and finally fall into depression (page 40)
But that’s not nearly all.

You’ll also uncover astonishing secrets to stay on your path as an Unchained Man… 

Even If You Think You Don’t Have “The Grit” To Be This Kind Of Man! 

Because what you’re gonna discover is that these kinds of thoughts are not even yours. 

See page 49 to realise that you can make yourself exceptional by ONE simple mind shift. 

Plus, I reveal… 
  • How to reverse-engineer 9 Dark Realities to become the strong, charming and succeeding leader women die for. That’s when you finally become one with your soul. See page 53-54.
  • 5 reasons why being the Patriarch in your family is healthy and important for men and women alike. No, I don’t want you to turn into a tyrant. See the bottom of page 59.
  • ​Why reality is immoral and doesn’t care about what’s “right”, only about what works (page 61)
  • ​Why you need to stop watching motivational video-clips ASAP (page 70)
  • ​Deceiving stories designed to keep your testosterone-levels low so you keep sitting on your sofa - and how to fix this (page 73)
Yes, that’s a lot of proven concepts and information for you to discover the dark reality of this world. 

But it’s just a tip of the iceberg because we’re now getting into… 

The 14 Radical Dark Traits To Break Free Of An Enslaved Society Of Sheep

These traits are the nuts and bolts of unchaining yourself. 

Finally becoming a free man instead of compromising with the world of a so-called “real man”. 

Every truly free man possesses these traits.

I want to give you a sneak peek into them right here:

#1 Iron Mind: The absolute foundation of your success as an Unchained Man - page 77

#2 A Lens Into The Real World: THE END to blinding yourself with comforting stories and lies - page 87

#3 Emotions Don’t Matter: Accept, parse and take control of your feelings to GET THINGS DONE - page 93

#4 A Funny Man: Don’t take anything too serious and be a radiant light of greatness in a dark world - page 103

#5 Calm Anger: Forget about “toxic masculinity” and attack your goals with ferocious force - page 107

#6 Deep Virtues: Develop your own morals and virtues as an extended arm of action to make them real - page 111

#7 No Guilt: Stop feeling ashamed of your deepest dreams and desires - page 117

#8 Understanding Humans: Know what people want and how you can give them what they want so you can do nothing but SUCCEED - page 121

#9 Make Things Happen: Take massive action on your purpose, whatever it takes - page 128

#10 Correct Companionship: The biological and historical truth about relationships between men and women - page 136

#11 Brutal Honesty: How to make sure that you don’t cage yourself and your soul - page 152

#12 Rapport: You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone - page 156

#13 Your Word Is Power: The deeper reasons why your word is nothing but concrete law - page 157

#14 Definite Detachment: Break. The. Chains. - page 167

You see, with “The Unchained Man” you’ll get all the knowledge you’ll ever need to become the man you’ve always wanted to be. 

Even if those wants and desires have been kept in secret behind layers of LIES. 

But don’t take my word for it. 

Have A Look At What Other Readers Say About The Book:

Here’s What To Do Next

The “cost” of this book is $7. You get it instantly as a PDF download.

I used to mail out physical copies, but I figured that you’d like to get the book immediately, rather than having to wait a couple of weeks.

Talking about “immediately”... time is of the essence here. 

Here’s why:

You realised that there’s something wrong in this world. We’re at a turning point.

The Matrix is REAL. Both your mind and the collective mind have been kept in a cage for decades. To keep YOU believe in the fairy tale of the “Real Man”. To keep you enslaved.

You want to break the chains and be free?

Then STOP to give other people the power over your life. The power OVER your profession, your business, your wealth, your relationships, your love, your health, your purpose, your FREEDOM. 

Begin to bring back the power TO create your life yourself. It’s already inside of you.

Take action NOW. The window of opportunity keeps getting smaller day by day. 

Some day in the near future it won’t be so easy anymore to become the best version of yourself.

As soon as you place your order today, you’ll be sent an email receipt with the download link where you can get the book. 

From there you can download the book and read it. 

You can access it everywhere, instantly, on any device. Without having to wait for the post office to get it to you. If you prefer a physical copy, just print out the PDF. 

In case you're wondering… 

There are NO hidden costs.

No subscription or continuity-program. Just one quick one-time-payment.

Oh, one more thing:

You’re also getting my best selling video-training including a system on… 

How To Find Your Hidden Talents And Make Them Profitable

The training is called IMPETUS. The force or energy with which a body moves.

Because let’s be honest: Most men lack freedom and accountability because they lack purpose. They’re unable to move because they don’t know why and where to move. 

I can relate to that. I’ve experienced it.

Now there’s not a day going by without me taking ruthless action on my purpose. Fulfilling my mission in life.


By leveraging the “Spartan Success System” consisting of 5 vital parts.

Here’s just a few things you’ll find in this special bonus:

  • Why you need to build a healthy ego to become an Apex Predator who’s constantly getting asked for help
  • ​The ONE core value you must apply to make your purpose count, even when it was done 1 million times before
  • ​How to avoid the passion trap to not end up without the inherent drive you will need to achieve your goals 
  • ​6 necessary mindset shifts you must adapt unless you want to retire broke at age 65 (Number 2 will surprise you)
  • ​The real reason why billionaires keep working 16 hours a day - and why you need to stop chasing money NOW
  • ​Build unlimited discipline and willpower using the “mental cop-out” and never let your emotions prevent you from taking action again
  • ​And a whole lot more! 
Look, the book is great and you will get everything you need from it. 

But I’m the kinda guy who wants to overdeliver, and I bet you’re too.

So yes, you’re really getting my book “The Unchained Man” and the IMPETUS training for just 7 bucks. 



I’m running a marketing-test with this offer and if I can’t make the numbers work, I will pull it down. 

So you need to claim your copy now.

Yet, even though you’re paying this ridiculously low price, you’re still protected by… 

A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I’m 100% sure that you'll love this book and the video course or I'll return your $7 and let you keep the book and the video training anyway.
Just email me and I'll give you back your $7 with no questions asked. No hassle, no hard feelings.

Take Advantage Of This Truly Limited Offer Now And Become An Unchained Man

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Alexander Graves

PS: In case you’re one of the guys who just skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal:

I’m giving you my book “The Unchained Man” so that you know the dark reality on how to become a “Free Man”. A man who lives life on his own terms and creates his desired reality according to these terms. For $7.

This book will help you to become the man you’ve always wanted to be. 

Also, I will give you my video-training IMPETUS which outlines the 5 steps to find your talents and make them profitable.

I’m giving it to you as a gift because many men lack the purpose to convert their “plans” into action.

This is a very limited offer because I’m running a marketing test. If I’m not able to make the numbers work, I will pull this offer down.

There’s no catch. No hidden costs in terms of continuity-programs or anything even close to that.

In fact, if you don’t like the book let me know and I’ll send you back your $7.

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