Become The PRIMAL Masculine Alpha Male Without Much Effort... with the help of Subliminal Messaging!

Learn How To Become A Man That Commands Respect & Influence
Across All Areas Of Your Life

FORGE of TITANS – 8-week Personal Subliminal Coaching for DOMINATION!

  • You know exactly what you should be doing, but you never have motivation?
  • You have a rough idea of what's your purpose in life, but don't know where to start?
  • That voice inside your head just keeps sabotaging your goals?

All of this will now come to an end.

You will finally have RELENTLESS motivation all day to follow your goals. 

You will know EXACTLY what you have to do.
And your subconscious will finally be ON YOUR SIDE to achieve GREATNESS!

Why Your Subconscious Sabotages You (and why it's not your fault!)

About 85% of our daily decisions are driven by our subconscious mind.

And our conscious mind then makes up a rationalization as to why we acted that why.

Quite funny these humans, right?

And here is the exact key NOBODY thought of so far (which struck me weird).

You can watch 100s of motivational videos on Youtube, if your subconscious doesn't agree with it, you won't do SHIT!

Your subconscious is like a sponge.

It picks up EVERYTHING at all times.

Negative music, limiting beliefs from peers and family, negative energy from the Media. All of this shapes your beliefs.

And it directs most of your actions.

NATURALLY you don't achieve shit if this is your mindset!

But luckily we FINALLY have the technology you REPROGRAM your mind within WEEKS!*

For some, it takes longer. But most people get POWERFUL results within a few days or weeks.
With Subliminal Messaging, we now have the (cutting edge) technology to influence your mind SUPERFAST with POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and beliefs OF YOUR CHOICE.

If you read books, buy courses, and scroll through self-improvement Twitter, you do exactly the same.

But it takes YEARS to truly see changes, because it all gets filtered by your consciousness, which is very slow.

Your subconscious is about a MILLION times faster in processing!

Subliminal Messaging BYPASSES the conscious mind (you cannot hear it consciously) and thus gets implemented IMMEDIATELY!

You're DONE with Limiting Beliefs, Lacking Motivation, and Losing! It is time for DOMINATION!

For this, we partnered with They have been working for years on these programs (backed by 30 years of science and running their own tests with people).

Disclaimer: The programs are NOT done by selfconquering. They are a product of (with which we partnered).

I've been searching for something like this for YEARS!

I have changed people's minds over years consciously, and it always bothered me how long that process takes. I looked into Neurolinguistic programming, subconscious molding and reshaping for many months.

There are a lot of shitters out there.

But FINALLY we have a proper company! They cracked the code!

What's The Coaching For Exactly? What do I gain?

These are TRULY POWERFUL tools.

They are not children's toys.


For this, you need guidance on how to start, which program to choose, what to be aware of.

Plus, if you run a Sub-Program for wealth, it doesn't magically appear in your bank account. You still need to take action towards it (but you will have enough motivation and no FEAR to do so).

This is where the FORGE OF TITANS Coaching comes in.
  • I will help you figure out your issues and choose the right Sub-Program for that (I also pay the cost)
  • I will guide you on how to set it up for MAXIMUM efficiency
  • ​I will consciously guide you on the actions you need to take towards it (building a business, dealing with women, whatever your goals are)
  • Plus I will set up your conscious mind to understand reality, otherwise you will have discrepancy between your conscious and subconscious which will have negative effects
In Life,
You often come across a crossroad that could
change the way you live your life.

The decisions that you make always leave an impact.

Whether it’s regret or satisfaction of a better life.

That Choice is Up To You.

What I’m offering to you are the knowledge and lessons that I had to go through the hard way, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I have made over my 32 years of my life.

Paired with CUTTING EDGE technology to UNDO the faulty programming of a corrupt society and FINALLY put POWERFUL and WINNING beliefs in your subconscious!

Do you want to spend 5 more years not achieving anything, or do you want to FINALLY get going and RESHAPE your whole life in 8 weeks?
We’ll use this as a base to recreate you, so you can become

A Man of Power and A Man of Influence


Today You Must Ask Yourself

Would your life be better tomorrow?
Would you be the man that you’ve always dreamed of?


You’ve been searching for a treasure map to become THAT MAN.
This is the closest we humans ever came to a cheat code. 

You can close this window and go back to your mundane life now.

Or You Can Begin Your Journey To
Becoming The Man That You’ve Always Wanted To Be.

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