How To Turn Even The Most Cold-Hearted, Stubborn, Bitch of a Wife Into A Loyal, Submissive, SEX-KITTEN

Lack of Sex is The 2. Most Common Reason For Divorce!

Right after money, or the lack thereof, missing intimacy is the strongest reason why couples divorce.

15-20% of couples are in a sexless relationship!

Which means they are on the brink of getting divorced.
Does it feel familiar?

There are so many women out there. Some of them probably even signaled interest in you.

But you gotta go home to the wife who just lays there doing nothing that one time a year where she lets you have sex.

I know how you feel. I’ve been there.

The Exact System I Used To Dodge The Deadly Bullet Of Divorce And Turn My Marriage Into A Sex-Heavy Fest Of Kinkiness

Early 2019 I almost got divorced.

Only seven months later she wanted more sex than I do. While she obeys my command and loves to do what I say. Especially while naked.

And I love that, too.

This is not to brag on my part, I want to show you that it IS possible to turn this around.

Don’t take my word for granted. This system worked on many men!
"Make her Submit is a great course, because it forces you to confront the real cause of your problem…You!
Earlier this year I paid $1,000 for a relationship improvement program which was utter BULLSHIT!
I’ve spent less than $200 combined with Alexander and got 100x more value from it."

- Jamaal from New York
"There are a ton of books and courses on this topic. But Make Her Submit ACTUALLY works. Because it changes YOUR mindset!"

- Mark from Arizona
"This course was the final kick up in the arse that I needed. Since then my sex life has skyrocketed – I’m not joking!!! It’s my whole mindset that has been transformed.
During this process I have observed that the more dominant I have become, the more submissive and loving my wife is, which means MORE SEX!"

- Rod from the UK

Do You Have The Money And Time To Get Divorced? Or Would It Be Better To Go Back To Old Dating-Stages With Your Wife?

Be honest, nobody ever really wants to get divorced. There is a lot of emotional, financial, and mental baggage at the end of that road.

I didn’t want to, either.

But in early 2019, I was at the brink of doing it, because this relationship absolutely didn’t work out for me anymore.

A disrespectful wife, sex maybe once a month, starfishing, no enthusiasm, no passion, nothing.

It was a wifely duty for her, and hell for me.

But now, she became a feminine beauty outside the bedroom, and a kinky dick-craving vamp inside of it.

What happened?

Glad you asked! Because this is what I am going to teach you!

How An Average – Not Very Tall – Dude Gets In Bed Everything He Could Imagine

See, I am not a supermodel who just had to learn how to talk to women.

Nor am I super-rich and let the $40,000 Rolex wrist-watch do the talking for me.

I am an average guy. I am 5’10 (178cm), so not on the “Look at that huge, hot dude over there” scale.

I worked in IT. Back then you would’ve even considered me a geek.

I was a nice guy. THE classic Nice guy. Always trying to please the woman, so she finally gifts me her divine dark cave, affection, admiration, and love.

Only to end up utterly resentful for being rejected the 90th time, while she enjoys all the benefits of marriage.

That was me.

All of this makes it even crazier how I managed to get a blistering sex-life now, right?

Well, one of the answers is that it all starts in your mind.

And through years of research, before I went into changing myself, I managed to develop a fail-proof system to turn any, cold-hearted, bitch of a wife into a kinky sex-kitten.

Without asking, begging, or more chores.

Actually fewer chores, because she will be serving you instead…

Imagine Having An Easy Step-By-Step system To Turn Your Wife Into A Sex-Kitten Without Even Saying A Word!

Introducing: Make her SUBMIT!

A proven (!) system to get unlimited blowjobs, kinky sex in all positions and places, and more!
Forget marriage counseling, Oprah, or Youtube videos about this topic. It’s all pointless. NONE of this works!

All they do is trying to make you do even more chores, buy her even more shit, go on expensive dates, and set back your expectations even more.

Seriously? This is EXACTLY what got you in this sexless position in the first place!

Why would it suddenly work?

And even if it did, ask yourself right now, do you really want to keep setting yourself on fire to keep others warm?

Or is it finally about damn time that your needs are taken care of? Without paying for it one way or another?

So how do we achieve this, friend? Simple! By doing the complete opposite of what everyone says!

From now we're done with:
  • Mediocre starfish sex
  • ​Disrespectful behavior you wouldn't tolerate from friends
  • ​Utterly annoying nagging because of meaningless shit
  • ​Doing chores in exchange for sex
  • ​Sex so bad you rather jerk off to granny-pants!

The Make her SUBMIT System comes in three parts:

  • Fundamentals you need to understand and realize where you have been deceived about women and how they decide to have sex (it’s not what you think)
  • A 6-step system to turn you into a desirable, tank of a man who unlocks her animalistic, limbic-system desire for fuckery!
  • Bonus Vault to turn you into a sex-god and make her crave your dick more than you can handle (this is a real problem, trust me).

The Fundamentals of sexual success

  • 🚀 The real-life, no-bullshit reason why you’re not having sex
  • ​🚀 An incredible mindset shift about your wife and her sexuality
  • ​🚀 How any woman operates sexually and what they’re looking for
  • ​🚀 Why marriage and kids absolutely don’t matter in regards to good sex (I have kids and still great sex)
  • ​🚀 Why YOU have the master-keys to fix all of this and nobody else
  • ​🚀 How one detrimental habit of yours kills ANY possibility for good sex!
  • ​🚀 How to handle women like a god

The 6-step system to Make her SUBMIT!

6 easy proven steps to create the life you want. To create the WIFE you want.

Depending on how quickly and religiously you implement these steps, you can have your dick sucked in 2 weeks. One of my clients managed that.

After YEARS of shitty sex.

It is all in your mind. And I will help you create that mindset!

🎁 Bonus Vault for maximum success 🎁

Within the bonus vault, you will learn how to last longer in bed, because there is no better way to make a woman “come” back than fucking her properly.

And how to make her crave your dick by implementing a proper frame and your dark side!

The Exact List Of What You’ll Get With This Course!

  •  5 mindset-setting videos to set you up properly and learn why being sexist in bed works so well
  • ​ 6 more videos of the failproof Make her SUBMIT System with over 1 hour of video content
  • BONUS 1: How To Last Longer In Bed
  • ​BONUS 2: How To Make Her Crave Your Dick
  • ​BONUS 3: You will also receive my bestselling eBook OWN YOUR SHIT!

Frequently Asked Questions

 “Why should I listen to you?”
There are many pickup-artists out there.

I am not one of those.

I have specialized in turning frigid wives into horny babes. Due to years of experience, from my own marriage and fixing many others. This is not a short-term solution to get a quick lay. This will fix your marriage long-term!
 “Isn’t every woman different? Does this work then?”
There are similarities in all women.

As are similarities in all men.

The differences usually are in details like hobbies, or which position you like. But the basic, natural reasons, as to how they decide to have sex is the same in almost all women. This is backed by studies.
 “How long does it take?”
Depends on your hard work and dedication to actually fix this.

I’ve seen marriages turn around completely in one month. For others, it took 5 months.

However, spend another 20 years in a sexless marriage, or turn it around in mere months? Your call…
  “Will this turn me into an asshole?”
Is a man who gets what he wants an asshole?

When you have your needs met, isn’t that also better for your wife, because you’re more relaxed?

My wife loves me more since I became a strong man. Even though I command way kinkier stuff.
 “I already tried many things to please her, nothing worked… why this?”
That is the key to your failure.

You tried to please her.

My approach is completely different from ANYTHING you see in the media, books, etc. And that is precisely why it has worked every single time so far.
 “I don’t think personality can be changed.”
Look at actors.

If they play a role for long enough (Iron Man, Sheldon Cooper) the actors tend to become that person in real-life. They pick up their traits.

Personality is malleable.

Maybe not every detail of it, but most of it, you can change. 100%.

Finally, It’s Your Turn…

When you get “Make her SUBMIT How To Turn Even The Most Cold-Hearted, Stubborn, Bitch of a Wife Into A Loyal, Submissive, SEX-KITTEN.” now, you will get the keys to…

  • Unlimited sex whenever and wherever
  • ​A wife who actually LOVES to ride you
  • ​New kinky stuff you didn’t even do when you two were dating
It all comes as part of the Make Her SUBMIT Video Course and the Telegram group to get into more detail.

So you know what to do, don’t you?

Click the “I WANT TO MAKE HER SUBMIT" button before the price goes up!
PS: If you jumped here directly, here are the details: 11 videos, 6 easy step-by-step system, 3 bonuses and many mindset shifts to get from your woman what you want in bed.
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