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In The King's Gambit, you will learn what TRUE masculinity is, and what to learn from a 15 year old King who descended from God.
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A DEEP dive into the dark reality of life. Life is a metaphor for Chess. As a man, you are born with a task to become a King. Kings aren't born, they are built.

This is your calling.
But you need to make a sacrifice to achieve that. A Gambit.
  • The Story of Carolus Rex, the 15 year old King descended from God and what to learn from his mindset
  • ​How having multiple Queens is totally possible (if you want that) and what it takes to get that
  • ​How the current society deceives you into believing that the Queens rule the board, but why and how this is a HUGE fallacy.
  • The 7 Traits of a King and how you can RULE your life by implementing those.
  • 7 more Mindset Techniques to Dominate your Mind and rule your Kingdom with ease
The Song about the Story
At 15 years of age, King Charles XV of Sweden was crowned the King.
A young boy.

Other countries didn't believe in his prowess. Which is why they attacked Sweden. Three nations at once.

But soon they learned what it means to face a TRULY POWERFUL mindset.
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