How to build an INDOMITABLE Mind to get Blistering Wealth, Beautiful Women and much more... even if you are lazy as f*ck!

Here's What's
Inside the INVICTA Course:

Here's What You'll Get If You Buy Today...

  • Clear Vision - Within Mere MINUTES You Will FINALLY Truly See What You Are Doing Wrong So Far And How To Solve These Issues EASILY!
  • Become a Conqueror - The SECRET Knowledge That Makes You RELENTLESSLY Powerful And Why Society Doesn't Want You To Know That!
  • The Killer - How To Become A Man Who MURDERS The Tasks At Hand Without Hesitation Effortlessly!
  • The King Mindset - Discover How To Manifest Your Goals And Dreams NOW Instead Of Chasing Them All Your Life
  • ​The Conquerors Discipline -​ Using These Strategies Will Take Your Discipline to Unprecedented Heights, So You Can Achieve Anything in Life
  • God Mode - Discover This Powerful Secret Technique To Elevate Your Mindset From This Earthly Planes Into A God. My Personal Favorite Technique With Which I MANIFEST Wealth Into Reality Effortlessly.
  • And much, MUCH more!

Warning! This Will Change Your Perception Of Reality!

The POWERFUL Secrets You're Not Supposed To Know!

Do you want to be a conqueror or a meaningless cog in the system?

Conquerors of the past had a mindset that was virtually unbreakable. 

Nobody could change their mind towards their purpose and meaning.

They were using special techniques to keep their mind sharp, and do hard things with no effort.

This is how they managed to conquer foreign lands without knowing what they could expect. 

By pure force of will they had their names written into the halls of history.

Motivation is bullshit. I show you how to REALLY get things done.

You certainly watched motivational videos on YouTube, didn’t you?
Did it really help you get closer to your goals?
Did it really help you get your ass up?

You can answer this yourself.

How do you feel?
Does your mind feel cloudy and clogged up?
Does stress keep stopping you from achieving greatness?
Do you procrastinate things you KNOW they need to be done?

This course is specifically designed to create an Unstoppable, Resilient Mindset that will make you get things done, despite whether you feel like doing them or not.

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Just $97 TODAY!

As Seen On...

Your thoughts create your reality.

I keep repeating this quote: “Man is what he believes.”
What you put your focus on. What is constantly on your mind will shape the outcome of your life.

This is why it is VITALLY important to have a powerful, indomitable mind. 

The equation is pretty simple: Strong mind = strong life.

This step-by-step, 6-week mental training will rebuild your mindset by special techniques and major adjustments in your perception.

Your Reality Will Completely and Masterfully Change

You won’t see life like you do right now ever again. 

I am not even exaggerating.

When I came across these techniques, my perception of what is "real" and what my "mind" is changed so tremendously, I live in another plane of existence than most people.

Thousands of people search Google everyday on how to shift their mentality so they can better their life, but they only come across the usual, useless advice.

Just “Love Yourself”, “Everything will be fine”.

No, it won't!

If this would truly work, everyone would be successful, don't you think?

All this does is keeping you and most people in the current state of indecisiveness and uselessness. Not getting shit done at all. 

Nobody is served with that.

Inside the Invicta Program you will learn how to defend yourself against a flawed mentality that was given to you by a deceiving and corrupt society, and how to actually build a resilient mindset through actionable advice.

Why Should I Trust You?

Great Question, friend!

I am Alexander Graves and I run the very successful blog SELFCONQUERING.COM.
On it, I teach men every day how to be more masculine, how to get stunningly beautiful women, how to make money online and escape societies' slavery.

And, I teach them how to develop an indomitable mindset.

The INVICTA Course was tested with over 20 men within my private group The League of Shadows.

I dripped the content over 6 weeks to see if each stage truly has an impact on these men.

And it did! Their mindset changed at a pace I didn't expect.

They manifested things into their life they couldn't even believe themselves!

Will you be sitting on the sidelines while other men succeed?

Or will you finally take action?

Here's What You'll Discover If You Get the INVICTA Program Today

Week #1: The Judge

  • With one simple technique you will FINALLY see reality for what it is. You will achieve unobstructed vision which will help you to judge yourself and what you are doing wrong properly.
  • Bird's Eye View to see yourself completely detached, like a third person watching you, what you are doing wrong.
  • Inputs and Outputs of your life and how they are shaping your reality, but most importantly how YOU can BEND reality to your will.

Week #2: Conquerors

  • Discover the ONE thing that drives ANY man. That drives you. If only you knew what that is.
  • UNDERSTAND your nature as a man and what you absolutely NEED to do to feel whole and finally kill that void in your soul.
  • Be enlightened by the dark reality and why this corrupt society is trying to keep you a weak loser and HOW to fight that!

Week #3: Crown Yourself

  • Discover this ONE secret method to manifest anything into your life you ever wanted.
  • ​Stop chasing goals and start to LIVE them right now. Learn how this is done with a simply mindset trick.
  • ​Bend reality to your will. Become the King of your own life. Make reality kneel to your power!

Week #4: The Talking Mind

  • Finally understand your mind and the ONE key thing you - and everyone else - keeps doing wrong on a daily basis that makes your mind weak and easily sidetracked.
  • ​Learn how to calm your mind and make it submissive to your direction and commands.
  • ​How to build a powerful wall around your mind so nobody but you can influence it!

Week #5: The Mental Trick of POWER

  • Gratitude is a KEY method to attract greatness in to your life. However, most do this totally wrong by "just being positive." Learn how this is done correctly!
  • ​With a simple reframe of two words I will reshape your entire life!
  • ​Another reshaping of your perception will make it unbelievably easy to work through tasks you utterly detest without hesitation!

Week #6: The Most Powerful Mental Trick in EXISTENCE!

  • This will ABSOLUTELY reshape your existence. It is the toughest and most brutal way to look at life, but also the only one that truly makes ANYTHING possible.
  • Your awareness of existence will reach new heights you can't even imagine right now.
  • ​You will learn how to detach yourself from everything. Even your own body. A truly powerful technique to change everything.
Are You Ready To Finally Take Control of Your Life?

Usually $197
Just $97 TODAY!

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Don't Just Believe Me! Listen To These Men...

--The Psychopathic Edge (60k+ followers on Twitter (here))
"If you want to achieve success, then you must go through this 6-week program. Alexander’s techniques changed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine.
It will be the best decision you ever made!"
--Justin, Romania
"This course is very powerful. Alexander created a step by step program that helped me strengthen my mind to achieve things I thought were out of my reach. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking new levels of achievement, success and conquest. Great return on investment of time and money. It’s definitely worth it.!"
--Daniel, Texas

I Am Not Done, Yet! There Is A BONUS Waiting For You If You Invest TODAY:

Bonus #1: The King's Gambit

One of my personal favorite books I've ever written.

The King's Gambit is a deep dive in the dark realities of life.

You will understand why life is like Chess. Yes, this way around.

Why it is totally possible to have multiple Queens. Why everything revolves around the King.

And why you have lived your life completely wrong so far.

Bonus #2:
The Unchained Man -  14 Radical Traits to Escape an Enslaved Society of Sheep

My bestselling book on Amazon.

Imagine there would be a blueprint to become a free, powerful, successful men, bathing in money and hotties?

The Unchained Man is exactly that.

A tour guide for greatness.

Written after I researched the common traits among successful men and what makes them so successful.

Plus, actionable advice on how to make money online.

Usually $19
Yours for FREE Today!

You're Looking At $219 of value, for just $47 TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?
If you are utterly unsatisfied with your current life. If you know that and what you should be doing, but you just can't get yourself to do it, then this is your course!
If you give in to your emotions to easily, and if you are easily sidetracked, then get INVICTA!
What do I get within this program?
You get access to one video per week, with instructions on how to set up your mind for SUCCESS, and a task each week that will make this all real. Plus a bonus special technique in the last week to fully reshape your reality.
Does it work for anyone?
Absolutely. You don't need to have The Rock kind of physicality, or be born rich. You also don't need any special extra utilities to buy. Any regular man can develop a conqueror mindset!
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Of course. I am dead-certain that this course will set you up for success in ways you can't even imagine yet. But if you still are unsatisfied with it, there is a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Let Me Take All The Risk!

To make this even EASIER for you to FINALLY get your life in order, I will carry all the risk.
I won't ask any questions. Within 30 days, you can get a full refund of your purchase.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

Get the program. Try it out for 30 days and see how it works.

Then, if you still don't like it, send me an email and I will fully refund you!

By which I mean, if you still are unfocused...

Don't get shit done you know you have to do...

Still live in the old, weak reality-bubble...

Then I don't want your money because I clearly failed. I'll gladly give you all your money back.

This is how confident I am about INVICTA.

It is a PROVEN, TESTED course to make you fly in spheres you can't even fathom yet.

But let us be honest here, even if you only manage half of the results, you are still way ahead of 99% of people who do nothing with their life, ever...

So why not give INVICTA a try now?

Let us recap what you'll get by ordering now:
  •  You'll get the 6-week Mental Resilience Program INVICTA to set you up for success
  • My eBook The King's Gambit with more powerful mindset techniques and eye-opening details on the fabrics of reality
  • ​The Unchained Man eBook FREE on top to discover how you can escape the slavery for your mind!
  • My Iron-Clad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
All of this for just $47???

What are you waiting for?

It is about time you FINALLY get going with your life!

Click the Button below and treat yourself with POWER!

Are You Still Here?

I guess it is because you're not sure if you should pull the trigger, right?

Is this really what you need?

Let us look at the options then. There are three paths you can take right now:

Do What You Always Did...

Close this site and proceed with your life as always.
That is your option.

But let me ask you this:
How well has this worked out so far for you?

Figure It Out Yourself

Ignore my guidance and find ways for success yourself.

You can do that. None of my knowledge is truly "new." Nothing is ever new.

But it took me over 3 years to get to this state. Do you want to spend 3 years of hard work and effort to figure it out yourself?


Get the INVICTA Course and ACCELERATE your success to levels you cannot even imagine yet.

Skip years of studying, testing and trying different methods.

Melt years into 6 weeks and DISCOVER how to succeed in a whim!
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